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How to Get (At Least) 78% on Learners Test in VIC: Tips and Strategies

The learners test is one of the most crucial steps towards achieving your driver’s license. Learn some important strategies to help you pass your test and move towards actual practice driving.

Getting your learners permit is a big step for any learner driver. If you want to pass the test, then this article will help you out! We will go over important strategies and tips that we have developed to help you get — at the very least — 78% on Victoria’s learners driving test.

The steps below are proven effective by our previous students who passed the learners test in VIC with flying colours: 

Review’ Road To Solo Driving Handbook’ Thoroughly

All the questions in the learners test are based on information in the handbook. You can access it online or get a copy from your driving school. The more you study, the better!

Take Notes

Make sure you take as many notes as you can. Go over important topics that you find difficult to remember. Jot them down to make sure you won’t forget anything. Go over the ones that are difficult to grasp and master before tackling simpler topics.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. If you don’t understand a question, there is no shame in asking your driving instructor about it. They are always happy to answer your queries and provide guidance! You can even ask other people through online forums. By asking questions, you’ll have the clarity and understanding you need to keep going.

Review All Sections of the Handbook

The Road to Solo Driving Handbook is a comprehensive guide. It covers everything from the different rules and regulations to road signs, so make sure you go over all of its sections. If there’s a topic that you find difficult or confusing, again, don’t be afraid to ask any qualified professional about it! They’ll help clarify things for you and teach how these procedures work in real life situations.

Practice Answering Questions from the Handbook

You have to practice before you do well on the test. If you spend time practising and solving mock tests, our students say that they got a lot better at answering their learners’ driving test questions. Practice taking quizzes and tests for a small fee at Driving Test Coaching Victoria website:

Book for Your Exam

Once you feel like you’re ready to take the test, book an appointment to take the learners permit test in your local area. You can book an appointment online or over the phone. Make sure that you have booked a time slot in advance and arrive at the designated location before 15 minutes of scheduled exam time. 

Make sure you bring all required documents with you when booking:

  • Learner’s Permit Application Form
  • A photocopy of your Driver Licence or Proof of Age Card (Birth Certificate)
  • Your Gold Card from the Automobile Association 
  • Appropriate fee for driving test ($62.00 in Victoria) and any other fees that may apply, such as a learner permit.

Keep Practising

So, you’ve booked your learners test in VIC and are now waiting for the day to arrive. What now? You should take this time to do more practice and brush up on any information you may not be sure about. Make a list of questions that need clarification or go through the handbook again just as if it were your first time reading it, with some new ideas in mind.