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The Ways Silage Film Makes for the Perfect Storage Solution for Hay Baling

Silage film may not be as popular as twine and wrap, but there are several arguments on why it’s a practical option for baling hay. 

You’ve probably heard of silage, but you may not know what it is. Silage is a type of preservation for hay that helps keep it fresh and moist in the summer. There’s good reason to discuss why silage film is perfect for baling hay, as well as the advantages over other types of preservation.

Silage film provides an excellent moisture barrier for baling hay. This means you’ll have to bale less often as it’s easier to dry out your hay when needed because there is less moisture in the bale.

Silage film creates an airtight seal that protects hay from rain and snow. This, again, means you’ll need to bale it less because there is no water or snow getting into your hay as a result of this tight seal, providing excellent levels of preservation. You won’t have any issues with mould on your hay either.

Silage film is also a much lighter material, which means you’ll be able to carry more hay. It’s often more of an economical choice too because it will usually last for at least one season before needing replacing – something that farm owners appreciate. Silage film is cheaper than polyethylene and easier to install on your baler as well, so this could save you a bit of time as well.

It’s also more resistant to tears because it doesn’t stretch the way polyethylene does and is less likely to tear if you’re baling hay in high winds or on uneven ground than other materials are. This makes it an excellent material for any farm owner looking for versatility when it comes to their bale wrapping needs.

Silage film will also create some air-conditioning inside your silo too, meaning that your hay will be able to stay fresh much longer – even up until two years after being wrapped with this kind of film by many accounts. But the perks don’t end there. 

Silage film is affordable enough that most farmers can afford its use across all seasons. It improves the farm’s sustainability, too. In fact, it is gradually chasing the popularity of mainstream products like silage wrap and twine. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that a variety of online stores are popping up to cater to the needs of farmers.

The demand for silage film is increasing and it’s not just because this product offers more advantages than other traditional options like hay bales or wraps; but also, its popularity has been steadily climbing due to several factors related to marketing, distribution methods, packaging material and production processes.

Farmers can enjoy an endless supply of fresh feed throughout the year while saving greenhouses and soil from additional exposure to toxic fertilizers by using films instead of wrapping them in plastic sheeting-a common practice until recently. Silage film is environment-friendly and is 100% biodegradable.

The film protects the hay from rain, snow and sun while allowing it to breathe so that nutrients are not lost over time. It’s also easier on your back-you can load up a wheelbarrow with silage film without having to lift heavy bales of hay. And when you’re ready for baling, just peel off the perforated sections around each loaf or stack them as they come out of the machine.

You’ll save hours every day by using silage films rather than other options because there’s no need for wrapping and taping bundles together before stacking.