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50 years ago, scientists discovered the first glance of amino acids from outer space


Amino acids in a meteorite – Science News, December 5, 1970

(Researchers) present evidence of the presence of amino acids of possible extraterrestrial origin in a meteorite that crashed near Murchison, Victoria, Australia, on September 28, 1969. … If over time its discovery is accepted … it would prove that amino acids acids, the basic building blocks of proteins, can be formed and formed outside the Earth.


Scientists confirmed in 1971 that the Murchison meteorite contained amino acids, mainly glycine, and that these organic compounds probably came from outer space (SN: 20/03/71, p. 195). In later decades, amino acids and other chemical precursors of life were discovered in other fallen space rocks. Recent discoveries include compounds called nucleobases and sugars that are key components of DNA and RNA. The amino acid glycine was even seen in outer space in the atmosphere of comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Such discoveries reinforce the idea that life could exist elsewhere in the universe.


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